ZUCZUG and klee klee Join RE:FORM to Address the Textile Waste Problem

Published on by Green Initiatives

Shanghai, March 19,  2018  

China produces over 70,000 tons of textile waste per day (about 26 million tons each year), and this problem cannot be addressed by recycling alone. Textile consumption has increased by over 400% in the last two decades, according to The True Cost, a documentary released in 2015 and that caused a major movement in the fashion industry.

By now we all know that textile waste is not just a burden to fast-filling landfills, but the very production of textiles leads to a number of environmental problems, from increased water usage for producing cotton to the harmful waste products of the dyeing, printing and bleaching process.

Green Initiatives launched RE:FORM in December 2016 with the objective to not only  recycle textile waste but also raise awareness on the growing textile consumption and encourage conscious consumption. The program brings in logistics expert, Crown Relocations, and the prominent community service organization, Community Center Shanghai as collaborators. RE:FORM aims to collaborate with various stakeholders to drive change towards conscious fashion.  Reusing, and recycling of used textiles are both alternatives to the production of new clothes and have immediate positive environmental impact.

ZUCZUG and klee klee are the Latest Participants to Support RE:FORM

Project launch presentation at ZUCZUG and klee klee to spread awareness of textile waste challenge in China – December 2017

ZUCZUG is a leading brand of women clothing founded in 2001 right in Shanghai. After a decade of development, ZUCZUG has become one of the most influential and important local women’s clothing brands in China and won the “2012 China Innovation Award” by The Wall Street Journal.  ZUCZUG encourages a ‘free, open and cooperative’ culture and aligns with RE:FORM’s goal of raising awareness of the environmental and social impact of clothing consumption and ensuring collected items are used to their maximum potential and are appropriately recycled.

klee klee is a brand of trendy clothing from ZUCZUG, named from Tibetan meaning "take it easy".  The hand gesture in the icon also stands for “slow” in Sign language. As a new and eco-friendly brand, klee klee will put time in looking for environmental friendly materials, making manufacturing processes eco-friendly and practicing social responsibility.  Klee klee will explore in order to find a way that enables nature and human being live together in harmony.

Participants place unwanted clothing into RE:FORM collection box.

The process of RE:FORM can start with you! RE:FORM launches at ZUCZUG and the klee klee shop on Anfu Road in December 2017.