RE:FORM Sorting Activity with Citi China at Crown Shanghai Warehouse

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On Saturday May 25th, two groups of Citi China employees with a total of over 100 individuals joined RE:FORM Sorting Activity held by Green Initiatives at Crown Relocations Shanghai Warehouse in Putuo for Citi Global Community Day.

6040kg of boxes full of items collected by the RE:FORM project throughout the year including clothes, shoes, and other non-reusable textile waste were sorted into different categories, such as usability, gender, and season. They were then transported to Green Initiatives’s textile recycling and reuse partner warehouses for further processing.

Event Highlights

“There are enough clothes here for us to wear for the rest of our lives!”

Participants found that within many of the discarded items, a huge portion were brand-new clothes samples shredded by clothing brands due to quality issues or lack of inventory space.

“We have no choice but to put all the damaged new clothes into the ‘non-reusable’ section. It’s a pity that they cannot be donated to people who are in need.”

There were loads of unopened oversized uniforms as well.

One other interesting finding was that participants uncovered a box full of brand-new accessories and shoes samples given by well-known accessory brands.

After spending hours amongst piles of discarded clothes, watching the whole truck being filled up with all the sorted items left people pondering how they could be more conscious about their own purchase choices in order to reduce the textile waste. Where do we draw the line between want and need?

“We really need to stop buying new clothes when we’ve already had a full closet” one of the participants said in reflection.

Special thanks to the two groups of Citi China participants for making this event meaningful!


What You Can Do Next

  • Think before you buy!
  • Swap your clothes with friends and family
  • Be crafty and creative to sew or fix your torn clothes
  • Donate unneeded clothes to drop-off locations all over town
  • If you do need more clothes, support second-hand clothes stores
  • Participate in the next RE: FORM sorting party
  • Spread the message with people around you

About RE: FORM

RE: FORM was launched by Green Initiatives in December 2016 with the aim to change consumers’ mindset about fast fashion and the way we dispose of our excess clothes. The project is being implemented in various schools and companies based in China through awareness sessions (film screenings, workshops, interactive activities, etc) combined with a responsible textile waste collection system.

If you would like your organization to join the RE:FORM project or conduct textile sorting events please write to

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