PwC Team Visits Organic Farm to Learn About Food Production

日期发表 由Green Initiatives发表

On a sunny weekend, 50 enthusiastic staff members from PwC Shanghai along with their families set out to explore the suburbs of Pudong and visit a green paradise hidden between wide concrete highways.

Green Initiatives launched the newly developed food production module of their Seeds of Change program, an online continued environmental education platform which aims to connect professional within the sustainability field and learners. It’s a diverse platform with 14 learning modules to raise awareness on a variety of social and environmental problems such as; climate change, waste, textile, health, etc.  Food production is one of the modules focusing on sustainable food cultivation, and educating locals on how the current industrial, agricultural system is damaging to our planet; causing soil erosion and increases the likelihood of food scarcity in many parts of the world.

As a first step towards increasing food production awareness; we organized a field trip to an organic farm to learn more about how our food is grown. PwC’s Shanghai team joined this trip as a part of their participation in the World Food Day program organized across all their office in Mainland China and Hong Kong, where they are running a month-long campaign to raise awareness on food production and wastage.

Part of the team building activities is a tour of the farm. Attendees got to see different kinds of plants growing in the greenhouses, following a knowledgeable farm guide who told us all about plant variety, usage, and growing methods. If you ever wanted to start growing your own food this is a perfect chance to learn how to prepare the soil, plant a seedling, how often to water it and when it’s ready for harvest.

No farm visit is complete without getting to enjoy extra fresh produce that you have picked yourself just seconds ago. Attendees were able to have a delicious vegetarian lunch from food grown in the farm.

The farm is easily accessible from downtown Shanghai and is a perfect place for families with young children to spend a weekend at, gaining benefits of not only getting away from the busy city life but also gaining knowledge about organic produce, it’s benefits for our bodies as well as our environment.

For future enquiries on team building activities or farm visits please get in touch with Green Initiatives, via