Introduction to Permaculture, With Philip Lohrmann

  • 2018年11月20日
  • 19:00 - 21:00
  • WeWork@湖南路, 上海

Whether you are a farmer, designer, or average citizen, landscapes and food production impact your life directly. If you plan to start a small family farm or simply design the land around your home, a Permaculture course will give you direction and manageable steps to take towards building your personal Garden of Eden.

For Designers

Permaculture illuminates several ways of creating ethical and ecologically vibrant designs. Stakeholder engagement, observation, analysis, and thoughtful implementation are the keys to success in any venture or project and are broken down clearly in Permaculture thought. Permaculture is especially useful for building and landscape architects, city planners, and restoration activists and more.

For an Organic Farmer or Urban Farmer

Permaculture courses can provide insights that will be useful to reduce work and minimize costly inputs while improving yield. You will complete courses with clear ideas on how to take steps forward, towards growing soils and healthy farm ecology.

For an Average Citizen

If you are interested in issues of food safety, health, nutrition, the environmental impacts of agriculture and development, or just good food, it is important to be informed and proactive. Permaculture does all that and more.

You can understand the food systems that have direct impact on our lives in ways we often may not notice. The fundamental knowledge propagated by Permaculture will empower you to understand what is possible when it comes to food, energy, and community empowerment. You will be empowered to understand and participate in the food system and public dialogue.

Even if you're not interested in Permaculture as a part of your occupation, you will still find here fun activities, great resources and an amazing, proactive and inclusive community.

Join us for an introductory session with Philip Lohrmann to learn about the basics of Permaculture and all that it entails.

About Philip Lohrmann

Philip Lohrmann stumbled down the rabbit hole of Permaculture when he was asked to direct the design of an ecovillage reconstruction in Hunan called Dingjiaping; as a collaborator with Rainbow of Hope and it's umbrella spin-off Urban-Rural Bridge.

Previously, Philip studied civil engineering and focused on environmental engineering as well as water resource management. He went on to earn a master's degree in Chinese Studies, focusing on China's environmental and hydrological history. These studies, combined with his service-oriented family background and a wide range of personal experiences, resulted in an overwhelming desire in him to restore landscapes and ecosystems.
Philip Lohrmann is studying, researching and promoting Permaculture, with the hope that it can combine his interests, experience, and knowledge to create meaningful projects in his community.


20 Nov 2018 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
WeWork@湖南路, 徐汇区湖南路328号, 仅高邮路, 上海