“Tracing Our Food’s Journey”: Join Green Initiatives and The Nordics to Act and Inspire!

Published on by Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives, with support from the four Nordic Consulates in Shanghai (Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway) will organize a full-day activity surrounding Nordic sustainable food on Saturday, 22 May 2021, at Sinan Mansion, Shanghai.


‘Act to Inspire – Tracing Our Food’s Journey’ Event

‘Act to Inspire – Tracing Our Food’s Journey’ is a full-day event that will comprise of a food street featuring both Nordic as well as non-Nordic brands focused on sustainable food products and healthy lifestyle, as well as panel discussions by industry leaders, chefs, and academicians to raise awareness of food transparency, sustainability, and their relationship with Nordic health food productions and lifestyle.

Food in Nordic Countries

Food is a subject that connects us all. And Nordic countries, already known the world over for their creativity, sustainability, and innovation are on a mission to transform our food systems. They believe that this is only possible through collaboration and community participation, and moving beyond learning, to actually taking concrete actions.

In line with that, the aim of this day is to share creativity, knowledge, and solutions from the local community, inspire people, and lead them into action, starting with taking accountability for their own food consumption.

Topics discussed through the panel discussions include:

  • tracing our food’s journey from farm to table
  • organic farming in China, and the role of technology in solving global food security
  • food safety challenges

All the activities of the day are free and open to anyone with an interest in Nordic culture, a sustainable food system, and a healthy lifestyle. Registrations are required for the talks, due to limited space capacity.

Join us on 22 May to start collaborating towards a more responsible, sustainable food system!

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Supporting Organizations

  • The Danish Consulate General in Shanghai
  • The Swedish Consulate General in Shanghai
  • The Finnish Consulate General in Shanghai
  • The Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai


  • Shanghai International Cultural Association (SICA)
  • Nordic Council of Ministers

Venue Partner / Location

Sinan Mansions, 505 Middle Fuxing Road, Near South Chongqing Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

Note: Talks will be held at The Literature House of Sinan Mansions.