Shanghai Centre Joins Green Initiatives [WE] Project to Tackle E-Waste

Published on by Manon Van Damme

The prestigious Shanghai Centre located on West Nanjing Road in Jing An District, joined Green Initiative’s e-waste recycling and educational program – the [WE] Project. The Centre joins a growing list of Shanghai businesses aiming to provide education and e-waste recycling services for to their staff and tenants.

For over twenty-five years Shanghai Centre has earned the reputation of being one of the city’s most successful mixed real-estate developments. They offer superior standards with an unprecedented range of facilities - 472 luxury serviced apartments, 30,000 square meters of prime office space, an upscale tri-level retail plaza, the Shanghai Centre Theatre, a trademark Exhibition Atrium, and the deluxe 5-star hotel - The Portman Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai.

Shanghai Centre joined the WE project earlier this June, and in the four months since joining the project, the center has already collected more than 2000 kg of e-waste from its residents and facilities management team. The centre leads an example for the many businesses and residential complexes across Shanghai.

China's Current E-Waste Problem

China remains the world’s largest producer and disposer of electronic waste. In communities whose livelihood center around recycling the precious metals from our old electronics, problems of the hazardous materials exposed from e-waste continue to harm the health of many. When one practices responsible recycling of their waste, instead of simply tossing into the trash, they are also supported and promote the safety of the people employed to recycle their old electronics.

Shanghai Centre joining Green Initiatives’ [WE] Project is a step forward in the mission to promote proper transparent and responsible e-waste recycling practices in China.

How Can Residents Dispose of Their E-Waste?

Currently there are not many transparent and efficient waste collection system in place for urban apartment communities to dispose of their electronic waste. When companies and residential complexes take responsibility and lead by example, they can set the trend to inspire their residents and other neighboring complexes to do the same.

Shanghai Centre is now proud to announce their latest initiative “Come Recycle”, a program that will give residents a channel to dispose of unwanted electronic items. By participating in Green Initiatives’ WE Project, they aim to promote ethical recycling of electronic waste, and ensure unwanted electronics will be diverted from landfills and recycled responsibly.

For the convenience of the residents “Come Recycle” boxes are now placed at the Level B apartment lobbies, for them to dispose their electrical items including batteries. While the boxes can accept most items, if the item are too large to be placed inside the box, they can call Customer Service to arrange pick up. 

While tenants can recycle their old electronics at the Shanghai Centre, visitors can also recycle them at Element Fresh located on the first floor of the commercial complex. Look for the WE box to take action and recycle your e-waste. Bring your unwanted and used phones, laptops, iPad, tablets and other products and take action.

Other than promoting e-waste recycling, the Shanghai Centre has always been a leader in sustainable initiatives while being responsible towards the planet in many other ways. From the use of electronic sensors to control lighting and the use of CFL & LED light bulbs, to the replacement of water-efficient washing machines & toilets. Battery recycling bins are also provided so tenants can safely dispose of old batteries. All resident’s household trash is sorted to separate plastics, metals, and papers. Perhaps the most significant commitment to the environment that Shanghai Centre has made is the replacement of major equipment like the chillers and cooling towers, electrical transformers and the conversion from diesel fuel to natural gas for the building heating. Annually Shanghai Centre aims to reduce almost 20,000 tons of greenhouse gases by using more efficient equipment. ​

Through Green Initiatives partnership with corporates, schools and the community in Shanghai; the WE project has recycled more than 7000 kg of e-waste to date. 

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