Office waste management system: Setting-up recycling systems to engage, collect and dispose recyclable waste items, as per 2019 Shanghai Government Waste Segregation policy.

End-of-life recycling: End-to-end recycling solutions for businesses looking for more sustainable alternatives to dispose large volume, hard-to-recycle items as per the highest industry standards.

Research & development: Leverage our extensive vendor network to find new uses for disposed items, including remaking products to generate new revenue.


Staff engagement activities: Onsite and offsite sessions focusing on a wide range of social, environmental topics. Sessions include film screenings, lunch-n-learn, DIY activities, workshops and talks.

Change management training: Topics such as ethical leadership, ESG and emotional intelligence for decision-makers, from mid-level management to executives.

Thought leadership: Delivering keynote addresses, lectures, panel sessions, and facilitating high impact talks on global and local sustainability trends, industry initiatives and inspiration.


Consulting and advisory services: For entrepreneurs starting social impact products, solutions and services, we focus on partner introduction and research support to increase market access.

Branding and marketing: Promotional services through our platform and network, including featured articles and exhibiting products at events organized by us.

Co-branded events: Conceptualize and execute experiential activities to get products, values, objectives and key messages noticed by a community that cares.