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On January 12th, 2019, SAVE held a their 21st talk show where 10 speakers delivered their speeches on various concepts and ideas about Environmental Protection.

The SAVE project aims to encourage, motivate, stimulate, and influence 100+ Toastmasters Members to deliver a speech about Environmental Protection. Three months into the start of The SAVE project, they had already recruited 50+ Toastmaster members from 20+ Toastmaster clubs to be speakers from three districts in China. They hope to hold 3 talk shows in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Suzhou over the next few months.

SAVE TALK Speech | Ashley Fernandes

"What comes to your mind when you think of plastic?" asked Ashley Fernandes.

Plastic began as a life-changing discovery to the world. At this point, almost every aspect of our lives involves using items that are made from plastic materials. Smartphones, chairs, spoons, and bags these are all items that we come across every single day. Not to mention the hundreds of take-out containers one person uses and dispose of every day.

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Time passes by quickly and we fail to notice that every item of plastic that has ever been created is still with us on the planet today. They end up in huge landfills that are starting to contaminate and destroy the majestic environment and resources that we once had.

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With plastics rapidly piling and contaminating our resources and well-being, how can we save not the planet, but our own future? 

About the Speaker

Ashley Fernandes

After over a decade in the corporate world while volunteering for various causes, Ashley joined Green Initiatives (GI) as a Partner and Director of Operations and Projects, to pursue his goals of (directly) creating social and environmental impact. He oversees the operations of GI’s many recycling projects, and is currently developing a new program for the team.

He has lived and worked in India, the Middle East and China, working on Supply Chain Management, Operational Efficiency and Project Management. Born and brought up in Mumbai, he completed his Masters from Hult International Business School, specializing in business and project management.

For more information on SAVE click on this link or Scan the QR Code below! 

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