Plastic Free F&B Campaign Updates & Free Pizza Voucher!

Published on by Manon Van Damme

Last week, Green Initiatives unveiled the Plastic Free F&B campaign with an aim to get food and beverage (F&B) establishments in the city to phase out single-use plastics from their service for dine-in costumers. If you haven't heard about the campaign yet check it out here. 

We have also partnered with Pizza Street to reward the person who sends-in the most Plastic Free F&B restaurant reviews during this campaign!

Pizza Street has the widest selection of vegetarian and vegan pizzas in town!

RMB 200 Voucher can be redeemed @ Pizza Street,
Shop 103 Building 4, 477 Aomen Lu, Jiangning Lu, 澳门路477号4号楼103室, 近江宁路

Haven't Participated in the Campaign? No worries, there’s still time. Here’s how you participate.

  • Snap a picture of the plastic item you see in an F&B outlet when ordering to dine-in
  • Use Bon App for both EN/CN reviews or 大众点评 Dianping for CN reviews  Post a review with a  hashtag #plasticfreefnb, asking to replace plastics with reusables.
  • Post a review with a hashtag #plasticfreefnb, asking to replace plastics with reusables.
  • Screenshot your review and send it to us by WeChat (‘greenimpact’) or email (, sign your name for us to keep count!

Please remember, your review should be constructive and polite, not negative.

Our goal is to create positive change by collaborating with businesses to reduce waste. We understand that even if their service includes disposable plastics, their food might still be delicious!

Sustainable Service Acknowledgment

Does Any Restaurant fit the bill?

Not as many as we would have liked. But yes, we did get information about 2 places that now serve their dine-in customers with no single-use plastic items.

Lokal, 202 Wu Kang Lu;
have recently switched to serving all their cold beverages to glass instead of plastic cups and providing straws only on request!

Chuan Noodles 六道门面, 419 Xinhua Lu
A Sichuan noodle place that serve all their food in ceramic plates and all the beverages in original containers (glass or tin).

If you’d like to send in the name (s) of other F&B places that deserve a Sustainable Service Acknowledgment shoot us an email ( or reach out to us on wechat (greenimpact).