Green Initiatives Has a New Look… and a New Direction!

Published on by Nitin Dani

Green Initiatives is pleased to announce that we are updating our trajectory to create an even bigger impact.

We believe that creating a better understanding of our fragile ecosystem, while reinforcing the role of individuals and businesses in building healthier societies, is the key. The challenges that the year 2020 brought upon all of us only further reinforces the need to rethink and reset. And there is already a big surge of organizations transitioning to embrace this change.

Where and how it all began

Since 2009, Green Initiatives has engaged with nearly 100 companies to conduct 900+ corporate & community events, attended by 40,000+ people. And through our recycling initiatives we have saved thousands of tons of waste from ending up in landfills. Our past experiences will be significant in our shift towards more responsible systems and practices. A big part of our focus will be on change management in organizations, since we believe that lasting organizational change will only begin when individuals change.

Whether we like it or not, consumption is here to stay – and steering towards responsible ways of doing so is the need of the hour. With waste being the essential byproduct of consumption, we believe that we must first focus on source reduction, and second, be able to recycle waste efficiently, economically and at scale.

Education and stakeholder engagement will continue to be an integral part of every initiative of ours. However, we humbly realize that what every scale we achieve, our efforts as one single organization will never be adequate in this fight against the various predicaments our planet is currently plagued with, and our actions tantamount to a fraction of what is required. This is where we hope to get the community together and generate synergies in our attempts to influence a greater number of people who want to embrace impactful change.

One of our initiatives - the WAR program - helps create a better understanding of 'waste' amongst employees & students, creates a systematic recycling system within offices / schools, and provides recycling data.

A new community driven platform

Our team has spent the last two years working on the development of a new, community-driven, technology platform called ‘Seeds of Change’, (currently optimized for smartphones only) which brings together local changemakers and experts to build a bigger and more engaged community that cares to act. The platform is an independent entity that is striving to make healthy lifestyle more accessible and achievable to all.

Community building has been a key part of our work in the last decade and we will continue to do that, both as Green Initiatives as well as through Seeds of Change. What has been heart-warming to observe in recent times is the growing number of individuals and start-ups in the socio-environmental space. As part of our new mission, we will look to engage further with these organizations and provide them with more support in scaling up.

Change is the only constant, and we hope that our new direction will make us even more relevant and impactful than before.