Introducing Climate Fintech

Published on by Nitin Dani

Climate change is an existential threat. And the mobilization of capital towards decarbonization is instrumental in fighting this global warming catastrophe. It’s widely understood that 3 trillion US per year needs to be invested in supply-side climate solutions.

This is 4 times current investment levels. Frankly speaking, money is not moving fast enough to the solutions we need now.

Fintech for mobilizing capital

FinTech is a great mobilizer of capital. It has already proven as a scalable disruptor to the financial industry.  The question is, can Fintech be used directly to improve our planet’s well-being?  We believe the answer is “yes”.

The application of digital technologies, such as big data and artificial intelligence, improve financial decision-making, transparency, and support new use cases. This creates greater financial inclusion and innovation. Climate Fintech is simply digital financial technology catalyzing decarbonization.

Climate Fintech - For Consumers and Corporate alike

Climate Fintech can help make customers more climate conscious while shopping, can help asset managers make more climate-aligned portfolios while investing, allows insurance firms to better analyze weather perils, and gives corporates better tools to monitor, measure, and offset their impact on the planet.

Collaboration with big corporates is an important lever to empower these innovations to scale globally. In the future, all FinTech & InsurTech startups will need to consider their impact on the environment, no matter their business focus.

Climate Fintech with New Energy Nexus

New Energy Nexus is an international organization that supports clean energy entrepreneurs with funds, accelerators and networks. It started in California and also operates programs in China, India, Southeast Asia, and East Africa.

The organization is fostering collaboration between startups and corporates in the Climate Fintech Accelerator Programs and pilot projects. It strives to make a difference in decarbonizing the financial system.

For more information about on this subject, download their Climate Fintech Report from this link.

Green Drinks Monthly Forum with Andrew Chang

Join Green Drinks's post-CNY forum that will feature Andrew Chang, Program Director at New Energy Nexus.

Recent improvements to banking, customer experiences, and investment decision-making do not always consider the health of our planet. So how can Fintech be channeled and applied to address climate change?

Andrew will talk about digital financial technology (known today as Fintech) which has already disrupted the global financial system, but can it be used directly to improve our planet’s well-being?

To RSVP for the event visit this link.