Waste As Resource (WAR)

01 July 2019 - 31 December 2021


In 2019, Shanghai generated 26,000 tonnes of waste every day which is equivalent to 365 kg per kg per year i.e. 1kg of waste per person per day.

While the number may seem small, the scale changes dramatically when we consider 26 million people living in the city, and this being the quantity of waste that is produced every single day.


Excess waste production followed by improper disposal and low levels of recycling means an increasing amount of waste is ending up in landfills or incineration facilities. This has contributed greatly to climate change and created vast amount of value loss on reusable resources that could otherwise be used for manufacturing, and which would reduce extraction of virgin materials.

With the focus on collecting, segregating and recovering value of Recyclable Waste and helping real-estate owners and businesses to achieve zero landfill goals, Green Initiatives initiated the Waste As Resource (WAR) Program in June 2019, coinciding with the launch of Shanghai Government's comprehensive waste segregation policy that made it mandatory for individuals and businesses to segregate their waste at the source.

Project Goals

WAR’s core objective is to inspire a group of “Change Agents” within businesses, to connect the dots between consumption and waste, between thoughts and actions, and promote active engagement on environmental issues and solutions.

More Than Just Recycling

WAR is a deep dive into the entire waste disposal, collection and management process of organizations. The focus is not just to collect and recycle waste, but to understand how the waste we generate everyday impacts our lives, our health, our environment, and our cities.

How WAR Works

WAR implementation is simplified to suit organizations of all sizes. The waste segregated on the premises is collected in QR coded collection bags and sent to our partner’s sorting facility for segregation and enable tracking of the waste. After the waste is segregated according to sub-categories, it is sent to licensed, traceable recycling facilities.

Participating organizations receive waste collection data reports, as well as  cashback for the value of the discarded waste, based on quantity collected.


Wastes collected from WAR project: 3060.58 KG

We understand that businesses have different waste requirements. WAR can be tailored to suit your needs. To participate in WAR please drop us a line.