01 June 2016 - 31 December 2021


China produces more than 26 million tons of textile waste per year (~ 70,000 tons/day), according to data from the China Association of Circular Economy published in 2013. As per another report by Greenpeace, three fourths of the over 80 billion pieces of clothing items produced worldwide each year end up in landfills after only a few uses.



RE:FORM was soft-launched by Green Initiatives in December 2016 to change the way consumers engage in fashion by:

  1. Raising awareness of the environmental and social impact of clothing consumption and encouraging 'conscious consumerism.’
  2. Providing communities and the industry with a reliable system to reuse and recycle discarded clothing.
  3. Ensuring collected items are used to their maximum potential, and are appropriately recycled.

"The need to reduce textile waste is absolutely urgent. Reusing, and recycling of used textiles are both alternatives to the production of new clothes and have immediate positive environmental impact. However, neither can replace the change that needs to come from within us i.e., Reform, and reduce our environmental footprint.

Because, change starts with what we wear!"



> Companies / educational institutions - Contact us to set up a branded collection box for your staff and students. We also offer a project launch event and awareness workshops.

> Retailers - Join RE:FORM to set up collection boxes at your stores for your customers.

> Individuals – Buy less clothes. And for what you already have, drop your used clothing items at any of our or our partners’ collection boxes


We accept the following items:

  • All kinds of clothing, garments, towels, etc
  • Bedding and curtains
  • Footwear and socks

We currently DO NOT accept items that are:

  • Wet or soiled
  • Dirty or smelly
  • Stained with chemicals


Quantity of textile wastes collected from RE:FORM: 25,523.00 KG


After more than six years of serving the local Shanghai residents, Green Initiatives has currently discontinued the community recycling project and does not manage any public drop-off points. We hope you can find alternative reliable solutions for your personal recycling needs.