Plastics Are Forever

30 November 2017 - 31 December 2020

Launched in November 2017 in conjunction with Plastic Oceans and FINCH, ‘Plastics Are Forever’ aims to educate our youngest Shanghai citizens (primary school children) through to working professionals and corporate leaders about the toxic consequences of single-use plastic.

Participating schools, organizations and businesses will be able to purchase a unique educational package from the Plastic Oceans Foundation, including the original documentary, ‘A Plastic Ocean’, and full curriculum materials to facilitate a vigorous post-viewing discussion and ‘call to action’.


Every item of plastic that has ever been created is still with us on the planet today. In the mid 50’s we were told that plastic was suitable for single use and could simply be thrown away. We now know that to be untrue yet we continue to treat it as such. 

Nothing to date has been as impactful on our behavior as watching the 2016 documentary, “A Plastic Ocean” – viewed by millions around the globe.  It’s time for every citizen of Shanghai to watch this film and learn how each of us can help end single-use plastic!


To eliminate the waste caused by single-use plastic items by:

  1. Raising awareness on the environmental & social consequences of single-use plastic (i.e. straw, bottles, carry bags, takeaway cups & containers)
  2. Bringing urban dwellers closer to their waste to establish connection & empathy
  3. Promoting practical solutions towards a life with less single-use plastics #RethinkPlastic
  4. Measuring tangibly the impact of collective action and socially sharing metrics

Baseline plastic use metrics in organizations may be taken prior to viewing the film and followed up with running an internal ‘action campaign’ to achieve a tangible reduction or signing pledges to reduce disposable plastic use by participants. Clean-up activities, field trips, film screenings, and additional opportunities to bring ‘waste closer’ to our urban lives may also be arranged.


  • Sign up to receive the ‘Plastics Are Forever’ training package, that can be delivered by a teacher or an employee volunteer.
    • For only USD$200 (~CN¥1350.00), your organization may:
      • Download the full (100 minutes) version of ‘A Plastic Ocean’ (EN or with CN subtitles)
      • A 44-page EN-CN teacher/facilitator curriculum
      • A EN-CN PowerPoint slide show to accompany your group discussion.
    • For only USD$150 (~CN¥990.00), your organization may:
      • Download the short (22 minutes) version of ‘A Plastic Ocean’ (EN or with CN subtitles)
      • A 44-page EN-CN teacher/facilitator curriculum
      • A EN-CN PowerPoint slide show to accompany your group discussion.
  • Have GI organize any of the following activities (for an additional fee, available upon request):
    • Half day or full day plastic clean-up activity within 1-3 hours of Shanghai
    • Off-site or on-site workshop or DIY activity to get into the details of plastics, including various types and how they can be recycled
    • Plastic Oceans workshop and/or film screening in your organization, moderated by a GI team member
  • Run ‘The Plastic Four’ action campaign in your organization and have participants take a pledge.


REFUSE: Instead of accepting plastic as a given whenever we go to a store, order take-out food or drinks, or order things online, REFUSE unnecessary plastic items such as plastic bags, straws, coffee lids, packaging and cutlery.

REDUCE: Carry your own reusable items (carry bags, coffee mug, cutlery, etc) and spread the word! Buy vegetables and grocery for local fresh markets or from businesses that offer minimal packaging. Buy less imported and packaged stuff, focus on buying in bulk or buying ‘losely’ sold items.

TAKE THE LEAD: Help forward this link to the ‘Plastics Are Forever’ project to friends at other schools and businesses to increase participation and viewership of ‘A Plastic Ocean.’