Green Initiatives Supports MeatFest

Published on by Green Initiatives

Being the leading environmental learning and advocacy platform in Shanghai for the last 10 years, it is significant to consider why the organization supports MeatFest.

So here’s why Green Initiatives supports MeatFest.

Most people know about global warming, yet few are able to do much about it. Many do not know where to begin. Instead, a large percentage of people think that the government, or corporations should or will do something about it.

They are waiting for things to magically change, and for the planet to get healthier. However, what they many people do not realize is that it all starts with our diet.

"A plant-based diet is capable of providing as much nutrition as necessary for holistic physical and mental growth of human beings. More importantly, a plant-based diet helps reduce emissions from the single largest polluting industry on our planet - the animal agriculture industry.

"We are proud and happy to support MeatFest in Shanghai, which aims to do just that i.e. present alternatives to meat, that allows us to make our diets healthier while reducing carbon emissions from our food consumption."

- Nitin Dani, Founder & Director, Green Initiatives

G.I. has screened almost all major global and local documentaries on plant-based consumption in their monthly film screening activities, including: Cowspiracy, What’s for Dinner,Meat the Truth, Forks Over Knives, Food Matters, Food Inc., etc. The organization has an internal rule of not serving meat or seafood in their events and team activities. Advocate. Educate. Share Alternatives. Accelerate Solutions.