Green Initiatives Partners With Wheelock Square Shanghai On Single-Use Plastic Awareness

Published on by Manon Van Damme

Wheelock Square, a premium office tower located in downtown Shanghai, participated in the global call to action on single-use plastics.

The Wheelock Square Building Management collaborated with Green Initiatives on the Plastics are Forever project and organized a 3-week exhibition. Titled ‘My Days Without Plastic’, the exhibition raised awareness on single-use plastic and offered simple solutions to the building’s tenants to reduce single-use plastic in their homes and offices.

More than 8 million tons of plastic enters our oceans each year, 80% of which originates on land. The world is consuming over a million plastic bottles a minute (source). In fact, scientists predict that if we continue to consume plastics at the current rate, there may be more tons of plastic in the ocean than tons of fish by the year 2050.

One of the key features of this exhibition was the creation of a 2-meter tall whale sculpture made entirely out of discarded plastic bottles. The sculpture aimed to bring to attention the large number of whales dying due to excessive plastic debris in the ocean. It also hoped to remind people in an intuitive and shocking way how plastic waste has become the number one killer of marine creatures. Plastic waste not only dominates the ‘living space’ of marine creatures, but it also ends up killing many of them, who accidentally eat it thinking its food.

The exhibition was open both to the staff and tenants of Wheelock Square as well as the community. Individuals from different parts of the city were able to view the exhibition.

Through this collaboration, Wheelock Square and Green Initiatives aimed to reinforce the message that legislation alone cannot solve the huge global problem of plastic waste. And that every company, whether big or small, its employees and regular citizens, need to contribute through their actions - be it learning, knowledge sharing, responsible procurement practices or simply through their own actions and behaviours.

About wheelock square

Wheelock Square, located on 1717 Nanjing West Road, is a property owned by The Wharf (Holdings) Limited, a premier property and infrastructure company founded in Hong Kong in1886. It is a subsidiary of the Wheelock and Company Limited, which, for 125 years, has driven the mission of "Building for Tomorrow". The building, known for its iconic design, was designed by New York based architecture firm Kohn Pederson Fox, and has 50 floors of office. The building already features other environmental initiatives such as air quality and energy monitoring. In 2011, the building was awarded the "MIPIM Asia Awards” for the Best Business Centre of 2011 (Bronze).

About wharf group


Wharf Holdings Limited was founded in 1886 and sustainable development is an integral part of the Wharf business plan. Wharf's goal is to achieve superior corporate governance, create the maximum economic and social value for the community, and reduce the environmental impact of operations. Over the years, the Group has been adhering to the mission of "Creating Better Tomorrow". The Group not only considers the interests of investors, but also focuses on the overall development of the society and the health of the environment.

about green initiatives

Green Initiatives (GI) is a social enterprise based in Shanghai since 2009, with a mission to ensure that economic development and better standard of living do not come at the cost of the environment. Over the last 10 years GI has conducted 500+ activities for the community, for schools and for companies, attended by more than 25,000 people. GI’s goal is to foster a higher level of environmental awareness amongst individuals that can lead to positive change.

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