Green Initiatives Guide to celebrating Earth Hour 2019

Published on by Green Initiatives

It is that ‘hour’ of the year, where we come together to celebrate and recognize the importance of our planet!

What is Earth Hour?

Earth hour is a time, joined by millions around the world, to speak up for why nature matters and raise awareness of the interconnectivity between climate change, healthy nature, and humans. As a global effort, everyone will switch off at 8:30 pm to celebrate Earth Hour.

What can you do after you switch off all digital or electronic devices?

Spend some quality time with your family and friends with these fun activities!

Nowadays our lives have been consumed by the many digital distractions. This earth hour lets spend some quality time with family, friends, and nature practicing meaningful activities.

Click here for more information on Earth Hour!

Enlightening Sessions

  • Hold your own relaxing meditation session
  • Join a sound healing session or create your own using singing bowls!
  • Participate in a Dialogue in the Dark session:
    • This life-changing session is guided by visually impaired volunteers in a specially designed dark room, where participants experience daily activities through their perspectives.
      • Visit: Café in the dark (Here)

Candlelight Social Gathering

Gather together with your family and friends to make 2019 wishes, share appreciation, and life-changing ideas!

You could also set up a romantic candlelight dinner for you and your loved ones!

Outdoor Activities

This year, earth hour is on a weekend! What better time to get out of the house and explore outdoors? Go for a walk at the park with your friends, family members, or pets. Enjoy the beautiful city night sky or even go for a little jog around your neighborhood.

Jam Session

Gather together in a room or around a campfire to sing and dance to acoustic music. Bring out the old guitar or instrument of your choice and jam out to your all-time favorite songs!

Group Activities with Kids!

  • Sit in a circle, under a tent, or any location of your choice and share horror stories!
  • Set up your own Shadow Puppet Show with puppets made out of recycled materials or un-used fabrics (Tip: use hand-powered flashlights!)
  • Play Dark Room (It’s Hide & Seek but in a room with no lights! Note: Remember to guess who you find.)


Earth Themed: Arts Crafts

Arts is a powerful way of communication. Creating earth-themed arts and crafts is a great way to celebrate earth hour with your kids! (Tip: get creative with the recycled materials you find at home!)

Activities for Restaurant Owners

  • Hold candlelight dinners for your guests!
  • Create a vegan or earth hour themed menu
  • Turn of all non-essential lights & electronics
  • Do not offer plastic takeout utilities or any single-use products
  • Aim for a zero-waste dinner!

Activities for companies

  • Turn off all non-essential lights & electronics (1 hour or more)
  • Turn down thermostats 2~3 degrees that day
  • Switch off the air condition/heating for an hour
  • Have meetings the traditional way! (No technology involved.)