Green Initiatives & David Laris Announce Food Event Series With ‘Own What You Eat’

Published on by Green Initiatives

Food is not just what we put into our bodies but also essential nutrition, childhood memories, culture, hobbies, and even professions. Without being conscious of what we consume, the food that we eat can have a huge environmental impact on our planet. These current challenging times has further influenced our perception towards food. We’d like to take this opportunity to look at how and what we eat in a new light. Enter the Own What You Eat (OWYE) event series.

OWYE Event

OWYE is a six-part series of engaging, fun and insightful events that focus on accelerating towards a healthier and more ethical food system. Topics such as global overview of plant-based food consumption, organic farming, healthy fast food, buying local and limiting food waste will be some of the key highlights of this event series, to inspire change agents. Presenters and guests will be various stakeholders in the food chain and thought leaders: restaurateurs, writers, chefs, suppliers, consumers, farmers and more.

According to Cristina Ng, Managing Editor, Own What You Eat,

“As a new conscious consumption-driven media lifestyle media platform, OWYE is excited to be working both with Shanghai's longest-running environmental advocacy and action-focused organization, Green Initiatives and David Laris (celebrity chef, restaurateur, cruelty-free and sustainable dining advocate, entrepreneur and social influencer).”

This event series is a collaboration between Own What You EatGreen Initiatives and David Laris. Big thank you to event sponsor Z-Rou, who take the ethos “Own What You Eat” to heart and are glad to support and promote such an important conversation. Additional support comes from media sponsor Nomfluence.

“At Green Initiatives we believe that events should be engaging, educational and fun. With the OWYE event series, this is exactly what we plan to do. We are excited to be working both with Own What You Eat, a conscious consumption-driven lifestyle media platform and long-term partner and friend, David Laris. Coincidentally, Green Initiatives began in 2009 at the URBN Hotel in Shanghai, which was also where David had his signature restaurant, ‘Downstairs by David Laris!’” says Nitin Dani, Founder & Director, Green Initiatives.

“I am especially happy to be involved in a forum promoting cruelty-free and sustainable dining within the larger picture of environmental protection, charity and wellness,” says David Laris.

The first event of the series, 'Making a Plant-Based Future a Reality', will be on Thursday, June 18, 2020. Expect interesting speakers, lively panels, plant-based dishes and beverages, cocktails and more!

To sign up for the first event scan the QR code below.

About Our Partners

David Laris is a multi-disciplined business entrepreneur who currently works with Acorn Digital Services, Cachet Hotels and Boutiques, and David Laris Creates. Arriving in Shanghai in 2003, he launched his namesake restaurant Laris at Three on the Bund, which quickly became a landmark in the city’s contemporary fine dining scene. He has had a rich and impactful career to date and worked in multiple cities, such as in London with Sir Terrance Conrad, in Macau with Mandarin Oriental, in Hong Kong running his own restaurant business, and in Vietnam with The Press Club. David lives by the ethos EAT. NO. EVIL and is an advocate for cruelty free and sustainable dining. This faith also expands outside the kitchen to environment protection, charity and wellness.

Own What You Eat is a multimedia lifestyle channel that focuses on the complex decisions behind consumption. This means the things we eat, the clothes we wear and how we travel. We don't present the views of perfect people. Instead, we address owning the decisions that we make.


About Our Sponsors

Z-Rou provides you with innovative substitutes of meat to enrich the experience in your kitchen and your favorite eateries. Proudly made in China, these tasty, healthy and sustainable meat alternatives offer new cuisine solutions and concepts. The Z-Rou mission is to create a better future of food by showing how plant-based super foods can be desirable in an innovative and engaging way.

Rachel Gouk is a writer, photographer, and food & beverage consultant based in Shanghai. She has been writing about the food and drink industry in Shanghai since 2011. She is the founder of Nomfluence, a Shanghai-based food and drink blog and WeChat official account established in May 2018. Follow Nomfluence on WeChat for more cool content.