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“Food is the single strongest lever to optimize human health and environmental sustainability on earth.”

(EAT-LANCET Report on Planetary Health Diet)


It is for a reason that our ancestors referred to food as medicine, for the mind, body, and planet.

As environmental issues increase in severity and frequency, an increasing number of people want to play a part in creating solutions. However, there is also a common misconception that being more environmentally conscious is only for the few who can afford to drive electric cars and similar higher-cost behaviors. This event series aims to change that.

The ‘Food for Good’ event series is a collaboration between Green Initiatives and Franke Home Solutions to generate meaningful conversations and drive collective action for a healthier planet. We believe that addressing our food system, and consuming food responsibly may be the easiest and most effective way for anyone to start contributing to a better planet.

Climate Change and Food

According to the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the food system as a whole is responsible for 21% to 37% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which includes everything that is involved in getting food from farms to people’s plates, be it agriculture, land use, storage, transport, packaging, processing, retail, and consumption.

Apart from GHG emissions, water is also a major contributor to the environmental footprint of our food, because water is essentially needed across every step of the food supply chain. Here again, our food choices will determine the amount of water that is needed to produce certain foods.

These are just some of the topics we aim to discuss in the ‘Food for Good’ event series in a fun and engaging way.

‘Food For Good’ with Green Initiatives and Franke Home Solutions

Food for Good is a series of experiential events in Chinese, where guests will get insights from experts and taste delicious plant-based food cooked on-site.

The series will cover topics such as: growing concern regarding food, water and plant-based diet connection, changing the planet through our diet, and the real price of convenience in the food delivery system, among others.

Franke, a Home Solutions  company founded in 1911 in Switzerland, deeply cares about sustainable development and healthy lifestyles.

In fact, the company’s product development and innovation are geared towards efficiency and energy saving throughout the entire life cycle of their products. A number of their products including their faucets and kitchen sinks are built with hygiene, sustainability and convenience as core elements of their products.

The first event of the series, The Water x Food Nexus: Plant-Based Spring Social Gathering will be held on Wednesday, 14 April, 2021, at the Franke Home Solutions Space in Shanghai. The event aims to provide deeper insights on the connection between plant-based foods and water and understanding how we can create a healthier planet through our diet, every day.

About Franke Home Solutions

With a willingness to innovate, a passion for quality and the demand for unique design, Franke Home Solutions has become a world-renowned manufacturer and supplier of smart systems and appliances. Since its foundation in 1911, Franke's success has been based on innovative engineering, unique design, and outstanding Swiss quality.

Franke Home Solutions is the world's leading provider of intelligent systems and solutions for private kitchens. The product range covers all areas in the kitchen – from food preparation and cooking to disposal, cleaning and air treatment. The complete range of solutions offered by Franke Home Solutions to their consumers cover an unlimited kitchen and cooking experience – simple, hygienic and environmentally friendly.

In China, Franke brings open-concept and multi-functional integrated systems that help bring style, convenience and craft into your kitchen.