The New Silk Road Green Design for China Sustainable Development

  • 8 July 2017
  • 19:00 - 21:00
  • WE”DoBe, Shanghai

DoBe WE" is inviting Prof. Arch. Marco Sala, Director of ABITA`s Interuniversity Research Center and full professor of the University of Florence, and Prof. Arch Fernando Recalde, senior research scholar at ABITA`s Interuniversity Research Center and Executive CEO of “Italian Green Design” Florence Studio.

These two distinguished scholars, committed to Green Design and on Architecture & Sustainable growth, will flight to Shanghai to share knowledge and best practices on what Italian Green Design is. From the perspective of international cooperation between China and Italy, they will presents respectively two topics, “The New Silk Road Green Design for China Sustainable Development” and “BIOS: The Green Belt East_West Alliance – From the cradle of Renaissance to China” to audience.


Environment is currently becoming one of the forefront dialogues in EU-China relationships, Chinese government is putting more emphasis on environmental aspects for China's future development; meanwhile, with the climate change happening over the world, Italy has advocated for green in design to support “Sustainable Developments Goals” promoted by United Nations on 2015.

About the Speakers

Marco Sala
Prof. Arch. Marco Sala is Full tenure Professor at the University of Florence, Faculty of Architecture. Since 1973, member of the Italian Architects Association, Italian Association for Building Industrialization Milan. Pioneer on Bioclimatic design in Italy since 1970`s and among the scientific community of the European Union since 1986. Over 30 years of Green Design Professional practice with many famous projects in Italy such as Natural Museum in Florence, Speed Train rail station in Florence (competition), Technology Park Offices in Lucca, Multiplex and Commercial Centre in Prato, Housing in Livorno, Piombino, Arezzo, Public Winter Gardens in Padua, Le Murate and the Green House of the Meyer Hospital in Florence.

Fernando Recalde
Fernando RECALDE Leon is the senior research scholar & professor at ABITA Interuniversity Center Headquarters in Florence. He holds a B. Arch; Ms.C; Ph.D and Post Ph. D Degrees respectively in Florence University; Rome “La Sapienza” and Grenoble, France. He has over 30 year’s academic experience in spatial, urban planning and environmental architectural design, fostering SDG (sustainable development goal) that is advocated by United Nations ongoing policies & strategies. He is CEO of ABITARGREEN enterprise since 2013 and Executive Director of “IGD Italian Innovation Green Design” since 2015.

This event is organized by DoBe WE” ABITA Research Center of the Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture of the Florence University and ABITAGreen, supported by Shanghai Design Week.

Event Details

8 Jul 2017 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
WE”DoBe, 1F Gallery, 501 Jiujiang Road, Shanghai
People‘s Square / Nanjing East Road