Earth Day Project: AfterShelfLife

  • 21 May 2017
  • 13:00 - 17:00
  • Long Museum West Bund Plaza, Shanghai

AfterShelfLife is an outdoor installation that explores the life hereafter of art debris in the context of sustainability. Visitors witness the process from unwanted materials to upcycled commodities for everyday use. The work is an introspective on how we define waste.

The installation is site specific. As visitors approach the museum space, the different stages of upcycling are presented: a pile of art debris, an industrial shredder that breaks it down into raw material, a pile of sawdust, and a dry goods shop that sells items made from the art debris. These renewed upcycled commodities highlight that waste can still have a purpose, an “after-shelf-life” so to speak, and by taking an item home, visitors also carry this message away with them. Using these everyday objects remind them everyday that waste is not waste, but that it can still have purpose.

In addition to offering a selection of upcycled objects, the shop also acts as a point of information for visitors, explaining the process of the project and offering information for other green initiatives happening around Shanghai. Visitors can further participate by electing to join in on craft workshops to make certain upcycled items.


The installation is likened to the experience of visiting a market, where visitors are guided through the stages of upcycling. Participants are allowed to choose their own art debris to be turned into raw materials, which then inturn can be used to produce everyday commodities through workshops. In parallel to the market on view are the different forms of art debris, pausing the consumer journey with a shop that displays finished products that these visitors-now-consumers can take away with them.

The first 100 visitors will receive a limited edition sculpture of the Long Museum logo casted by artists using the same process that will be demonstrated during the workshops.


The Long Museum
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Scribble Studio
Scribble studio’s is small team of people who believe that change can be created from the smallest and imperfect idea. The Studio wants to push forward the growing momentum of Chinese social and environmental awareness, by presenting serious topics in creative ways, providing people with knowledge and ultimately empower individuals with the ability to create change.

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Event Details

21 May 2017 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Long Museum West Bund Plaza, 3398 Longteng Ave, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Longhua (M) Road Line 7/12 Exit 5