Writing Retreat on Chong Ming Island

  • 22 June 2018
  • 22:00 - 00:00
  • Chongming Island, Shanghai


Everyone wants more time to do what they really care about. But somehow we kept getting pulled away, or end up working too much or looking to commerce to solve our deepest needs. Can we create an abundance from within ourselves, and from our connections to the community instead of trying to purchase “abundance" with money?

Using writing as a tool for self-reflection (“non-writers welcome), we can understand the forces--internal and external--that pull us away from the truly satisfied life we know we can live.

Join professional writing teacher, author of The Abundance of Less, and winner of the 2017 Nautilus Award in Sustainable Living, Andy Couturier for a rich weekend of laughter, self-reflection, non-judgemental sharing of writing at the Chong Ming Retreat House, June 22-24.

Together we will explore the subliminal barriers we all face in this very human struggle to work out the modern predicament.  This workshop will build on what you are already doing to nurture and support a more connected and rich life. You already know a lot of strategies to escape the modern trance, strategies that do not depend on constantly generating money, and constantly spending it on material objects.  It will also provide you with an opportunity to examine how your life has gotten to the point it has.  By the end, we will have developed some inner tools and outer strategies to harness your own passion for living “the good life” that you will be able to use the very next day after you go home.


Arrive Friday (June 22nd) night by either shared taxi or direct bus from Shanghai (approx. 1 hour)

Depart Sunday (June 24th) after lunch


Chong Ming Retreat House, located in the southern part of Chong Ming Island in the middle of the Yangzi River - approximately 45 minutes bus ride from Science & Tech Metro stop


The weekend consists of interactive teaching from Andy including fun group activities, a few group chores & activities around the retreat house, delicious homemade Chinese food prepared by our neighboring cook with mostly locally grown organic produce,music around the campfire at night, and a chance to explore, as Andy puts it into his book, Writing Open the Mind "the deep wilderness of language that each human being is heir to."


This class is for anyone who feels that maybe something is missing in the story we’ve been told, that gaining status and making money and purchasing more objects will lead to happiness.  It is also for anyone who enjoys writing--or has enjoyed writing at one time in the past.  You do not need to be a native English speaker, nor do you need to feel like “a writer.”  If you can form the 26 letters of the English alphabet, you are ready for this wonderful weekend.


1,500rmb for shared rooms of 4 people with all meals and supplies provided

Transportation is 12rmb for the bus (one-way) from Science & Tech metro stop or shared taxi of approximately 300rmb (one-way)


for additional info & payment:  scan CSL-Shanghai QR code or email Robapplegate@gmail.com

Event Details

22 Jun 2018 10:00 pm – 12:00 am
Chongming Island, Chongming Island, , Shanghai