Ecofeminism: A Deep Dive into the Relationship Between Women, Nature & Society

  • 14 May 2019
  • 19:00 - 21:00
  • WeWork @ Hunan Road, Shanghai

In times of ecological justice and women’s equality, what are the elements that connect both causes? How can we serve and transform our work to embrace, both the rights of women and the natural world?

This 4-session Study Program is focused on exploring the connection between women and nature, and how empowering women is a form of empowerment of the natural world itself. The Program will begin by unravelling the origin of nature’s oppression and its foundation in the subjugation of women. Our intention is not only to understand its roots, but also to envision a future where both women and nature are empowered – not to survive, but to thrive.

The Program will touch on the works of various writers, including Murray Bookchin, Vandana Shiva, Maria Mies, Sherry B. Ortner, Ariel Salleh, Val Plumwood and Karen Warren, Maya Angelou and others. From academics to poets to activists, we will re-discover what it means to be an ‘ecofeminist’ and how we can support equal rights, not only for girls and women everywhere, but also for all living beings.

Programme Structure

The study program is divided in 4 sessions, starting on May 14th, every Tuesday from 19:00-21:00. The subjects will be presented through slides according to the schedule below, and lead to conversations and discussions. Participants will be invited to share their personal experiences through questions, comments and activities. The sessions follow a holistic learning format.

Ahead of the Program participants will receive materials such as book chapters, poems, articles, videos and online talks to support and enrich their investigation. All sessions will be recorded and sent to participants.

Is This For You?

This program aims to understand how women’s right is intrinsically connected to ecological justice. We will focus on how we can better serve both causes once we gain an understanding of their connection. Both women and men are welcome to register, no previous knowledge on the subject is required.


Every Tuesday from May 14th to 4th June 2019, from 19:00-21:00.

Session 1 | Introduction to Ecofeminism (14th May)
The session is dedicated to meeting the group and weaving threads between our personal lives and our current understanding of ecofeminism. We will explore the elements that connect women and nature, while meeting each other and learning about the structure of the Study Program.

Session 2 | The Roots of Oppression (21st May)
Why is the oppression of women and the subjugation of nature interconnected? Where did it begin? Session is focused on demonstrating, through Social Ecology, that the cause of profound ecological crises and social destabilization we are experiencing today is based on a pattern of subjugation over women and nature.

Session 3 | Ecofeminism Tendencies (28th May)
We will examine the different ecofeminism tendencies (biological and constructivist) and the links between nature and women. How do they show up in our daily lives? How do we feel connected to each tendency? We will also briefly reflect on the impact that environmental destruction can have on women and its close relation to the ecological crises.

Session 4 | Connected Destiny of Women and the Earth (4th June)
Inspired by work of Ynestra King and Ivone Gebara, we will inquire how the destiny of women is intimately linked to destiny of the Earth. Finally, considering how women can be in an empowered position to end this subjugation. We will have time to express our conclusions and share how we can implement ecofeminism in our personal projects and life.


  • Early bird, until April 10th: 1000RMB
  • Full course, 4 sessions: 1300RMB

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About the Covener

Maria Eduarda Souza is a social ecologist, storyteller and educatorHer mission is to engage people with the natural world and foster a reflection about our presence on Earth. Maria holds a Masters Degree in Ecology and Spirituality from Schumacher College in partnership with Trinity Saint David University in the UK. Her interest in exploring the female soul and environmental values started by holding women circles around the world. She is part of the collective Wild Feminine Rising, a space for women to find gatherings, events, workshops, and retreats focused on the healing of the feminine all around the world.

Read more about her journey here.


If you have any questions, collaborative ideas or concerns please contact Maria through email ( or WeChat (mariamsouza).

Event Details

14 May 2019 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
WeWork @ Hunan Road, 328 Hunan Road, Near Gaoyou Road, Shanghai
Shanghai Library Line 10 Exit 3