Tracing Our Food’s Journey: Food Market and Panel Discussions

  • 22 May 2021
  • 10:00 - 19:30
  • The Literature House, Sinan Mansions, Shanghai

Join Green Initiatives and The Nordic Consulate Generals in Shanghai, for a full-day event (Marketplace + Expert Panels) on Saturday, 22 May 2021, focusing on sustainable food and Nordic lifestyle.


The marketplace will feature nearly 20 food vendors, and 3 insightful expert panels from business leaders, academicians, researchers, industry bodies, nonprofit organizations and food brands, all focused on food transparency, sustainability, and their relationship with Nordic health food productions and lifestyle.

Find below the topics for the panel discussions, including speaker information.

PANEL 1: 10:15-11:15


The organic movement is gradually going from niche to mainstream; however, questions remain around affordability, transparency and scalability - not only for consumers, but also for farmers who would like to keep up with the organic market but may not have the resources to certify their products. Lack of transparency has created many consumers to get sceptical of ‘organic foods’ and doubt their health or environmental benefits.

  • 40-min moderated panel discussion
  • 20-min open Q&A with the audience


  • Matilda Ho, Founder & CEO, BitxBites & Yimishiji: Matilda Ho is a serial entrepreneur and investor driving to create more sustainable food systems. She has founded Yimishiji, a farm-to-table grocery e-commerce platform that has engineered food education and transparency into the entire supply chain and customer experience. And she is founder and managing director of Bits x Bites, China’s pioneer food tech venture capital investing in startups tackling global food system challenges.
  • Yulia Yao, Co-founder, Head of Traceability Dept.IQC(Shanghai)Co., Ltd.: More than 10 years experience in food safety management and traceability system construction and operation. Responsible for the design, development and operation of traceability platform. Familiar with industrial standards and the latest traceability application technology.Responsible for the development of traceability standards, internal and external traceability training.In charge of construction and operation of CAFA Food Trust Traceability Platform. Technique support and training for Cargill China traceability project. Was responsible for buildup METRO – StarFarm traceability platform operated and managed StarFarm traceability platform from 2018 to 2015. Made traceability standards for fresh products and manage traceability information of 300+ traceable suppliers.
  • Johan Lennefalk, Market Manager - Beijing & Greater China, Business Sweden: Mr Johan Lennefalk is heading up Business Sweden’s Beijing office and has more than 9 years’ experience from market entry strategy and growth in Asia for Swedish companies. He has been based in China, Hong Kong and South Korea advising start-ups, SMEs as well as publicly listed MNCs on topics ranging from finding new customer and strategic partners, identifying potential M&A candidates as well as evaluating suppliers. The focus is now to bring innovative Swedish foods, supplements and healthy organic, vegan and plant based offerings to the Chinese market via the Tmall Global Health by Sweden launch.
  • Isabella Wang, Deputy General Manager, Nuobo Ecommerce; Founder, NDST: Isabella has an MBA as well as a postgraduate diploma in hospitality. She also holds a Bachelors in French literature. She is currently the Deputy General Manager of Nuobo (Shanghai) E-Commerce, and Founder of brand NDSF. NDSF is primarily helping selected, small and medium size Nordic companies, in particular Norwegian organic and/or green F&B product companies to enter into China Market.

PANEL 2: 12:30-13:25


Agriculture is a vital industry in China, employing over 300 million farmers and accounting for 10% of China’s GDP. The industry is characterized by a huge number of smallholder farmers with extremely small farms, working in very diverse contexts. How can they be mobilized to create healthier, safer food for the country?

  • 40-min moderated panel discussion
  • 20-min open Q&A with the audience


  • Fred Yang, Founder, Rainbow of Hope & Urban-Rural Bridge: Fred Yang is the founder of Rainbow of Hope, an organic co-op that connects farmers from rural China with consumers in Shanghai. After becoming the first person from his village to get a college education and after teaching English in eastern China, he moved back to Hunan to reconnect with farming and his family.
  • Ana Terra, Managing Partner, Goma; Founder, Nutrition with Ana: Ana is a nutritionist and an entrepreneur at heart. She previously started and sold her own company Ilovemi - My Intelligent Food. Currently, she is a shareholder and Managing Partner at Goma, a farm-to-table concept in Shanghai. On the side, she founded Nutrition with Ana. A platform that brings individuals and corporates the tools for a happy and healthy life. In her free time, you can find her photographing the streets of Shanghai, joining sports activities, or writing for her blog. Ana is particularly passionate about the intersection between food, nutrition, and innovation. She believes innovation is our only real shot at solving the problems we face to improve the world in a sustainable way.
  • Avril Accolla, Associate Professor, Tongji University; Cofounder, Slow Food Shanghai: Avril Accolla dedicated her career to Design for All, Holistic Ergonomics, Design Driven Social Innovation, and Sustainable Development. Graduated and Previously Adj. Professor at Milan Polytechnic, presently Associate Professor and Director of the ResearchLab for Sustainable Business & Cultural Bridge, D&I - Tongji University, focuses on Sustainability’s impact in China (economical-social-environmental).
  • Faraz Mani, Founder, Sol Farms (joining via ConCall from Yunnan): Faraz is managing director at ‘Dali SOL Farms’ which he established in 1999 after moving from Hong Kong with his family. From the beginning, innovation & development of the farming community have been a key focus. Taking advantage of Dali’s surrounding microclimates Faraz started growing specialty garlic and expanded into a diverse range of quality produce; from artichokes, avocados, lemons & cherries to nutrition dense, ready-to-eat products such as fresh cheeses, pesto, hummus, and a variety of spreads & dips.

PANEL 3: 16:30-17:30


The latest technologies are elevating the way many food businesses operate. Not only do these technological tools make food safer, more accessible, or reduce waste, but they can also help reduce costs at all ends. What are some of the most notable local and global examples of technology being used to transform our food systems for the better?

  • 30-min moderated panel discussion
  • 30-min open Q&A with the audience


  • Chloe Zhao, Sales & Marketing Manager, Orkla - Norway's largest food brand: Chloe Zhao is the sales and marketing manager for Orkla’s business in the Chinese market. She founded the Orkla China team and developed the business for Orkla Group from scratch. Based on her education background from the Nordics (Master in International Business from Uppsala University, Sweden) and 7 years’ working experiences in trading business between Nordics and China, she holds a vision of being the bridge between Norway and China for not only doing business but also building strong friendship. In the past few years, Orkla has transformed from an industrial conglomerate into a leading Nordic branded consumer goods company. Year to date in 2020, Orkla owns over 110 factories and 200 FMCG brands from mainly the Nordic Region.
  • Astrid Prajogo, Founder & CEO, Hao Food: Before founding Haofood, Astrid’s professional experience included seventeen years of entrepreneurship with a focus in nutrition and gastronomy, leading to an extensive understanding of these industries. She has founded a small-medium enterprise in the form of a creative communication agency, and worked for Wonderful Indonesia, the Indonesian government’s tourism initiative, as a leader in culinary diplomacy. Previously, her company Good Indonesian Food was the biggest food tourism operator in Indonesia, and contributed significantly to the preservation of Indonesia’s culinary heritage. Her varied experience has led her to develop a range of strategic skills - from strategic thinking to strategic marketing - which all build upon a core speciality in food.
  • Mingwei Li, CellX - Creating Sustainable + Humane Future Through Cellular Agriculture: Mingwei is the Operations Manager at CellX, a cellular agriculture startup that creates clean meat products through cell culturing and 3D bioprinting technologies. Before joining CellX, Mingwei worked in a rural village in Hunan and cofounded a co-op that aims to empower small-holder farmers and improve their livelihoods. She holds a vision that advancements in agriculture technologies can reduce the current inequalities in rural x urban space, and create more opportunities in rural development.


  • Yi-Wen Lee: Yi-Wen is a Plant Forward Whole Foods Chef Educator, a noted member of ‘THE CHEFS’ MANIFESTO’ initiative by SDG2 Advocacy Hub and also a key initiator for many global food education programs. She is a world citizen with 17 years of fashion marketing experience in New York and China who started a transition to the world of whole foods education since 2012. She is also a co-founder of The Plant Forward LLAB with the mission to educate, collaborate and initiate real actions and positive changes using food as a social lubricant for a sustainable human health and planetary well-being system #lets.plantforward.together
  • Zhuangchen JJ Zhou 周庄忱, Rowing Coach & Cyclist: JJ is a plant-based coach, athlete, entrepreneur, and a rower-turned-cyclist. After finishing his last coaching stint for the Chinese Olympic Rowing team, he began running his cycling coaching program that combines dietary changes with scientific approaches to training. JJ has completed three "Everestings", the hardest cycling challenges around. His claim to fame is "Everesting" the Mt Everest - that made him the first Chinese cyclist to do so. He also holds the Chinese speed record for Everesting. His achievements on the bike have been covered by Men’s Health and BBC, among other media. JJ is passionate about creating a plant-based world and believes creating attractive and delicious alternatives is the ultimate way.

Registrations to each session are mandatory.

Event Itinerary

  • 22nd - 23rd May 11:00 – 19:30 Community Market / Food Street
  • 22nd May 10:00 – 18:00 Talks / Panel Discussions by Local Thought Leaders

Note: It is a weekend market (22nd & 23rd, May) with one day (22rd, May) panel discussion event. Due to limited space,  please scan the QR code below to sign up for the panel discussion. 

Event Details

22 May 2021 10:00 am – 7:30 pm
The Literature House, Sinan Mansions, 505 Middle Fuxing Road, Near South Chongqing Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, , Shanghai
Xintiandi, Line 10, Exit 5