Ancient house restoration at Dianshan Lake

  • 24 August 2019
  • 09:00 - 17:00
  • Dianshan Lake, Shanghai

Come join us for a beautiful day at the Lakeside Art Community at Dianshan Lake, just 60 km west of Shanghai. Spend your day participating in a fun and meaningful activity to support the local community with your time and skill by renovating the ancient house and engaging with the local villagers. This one-day activity will help you re-connect with nature nd the local culture. Through doing, you will help create a sense of value for the villagers and protect the local heritage.

There was a time when we lived a low-carbon lifestyle through traditional agriculture, transportation, and many other practices. These low carbon traditions practiced here are now dwindling due to the lack of support and funds. The ancient house "Cheng Qing Tang" and the surrounding areas are in need of restoration and the Lakeside Art Community needs your support!

Lakeside Art Community pays great attention to the sustainable development of ecology and local culture and advocates the harmonious lifestylebetween human and nature.LAC hopes to encourage and share the inheritance and innovation in these eco-friendly traditions so that more people can understand the value of ”Symbiosis with Nature".


Arrive Yangshe village by 09:00

  1. Introduction of LAC and Yangshe new village
  2. Traditional cement boat ride to ancient house
  3. Morning activity: restoration and regeneration of the house and island
  4. Local vegetarian food and wood-fired pot rice for lunch
  5. Afternoon activity: building simple structures to enhance the value of the public space
  6. Activity wrap up & sharing

Depart to Shanghai at 17:00

*Please arrange your own transportation, a detailed instruction will be sent to you by email after registration

How to arrive at Yangshe Village?

  1. Driving/Cycling
  2. Bus (Take the Hushang Highway express bus at the intrersection of Danshui Road 淡水路 and Middle Huai Hai Road 淮海中路 )
  3. Take metro line 17 until Oriental Land Terminal Station and take a taxi/bus to reach Yangshe Village

To register for the event please visit this link or scan below QR code:

Event Details

24 Aug 2019 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Dianshan Lake, Yangshe Village 242, Residential Area, Qingpu District, Shanghai
Oriental Land Line 17