GIGA Material Challenge Shanghai 2017

  • 20 May 2017
  • 10:00 - 17:30
  • E Peng Hui (EPH), Shanghai

GIGA Material Challenge is organized by GIGA, an international organization that combines cloud software (MATTER & ORIGIN), building material research and healthy building standards (RESET). GIGA Material Challenge launched in 2013 and has been held across China.

The 2017 GIGA Material Challenge will offer participants opportunities to experiment with cutting-edge and innovative materials thru the lens of healthy IEQ. A Knowledge Session will also provide actionable content for participants looking to incorporate healthy design and specification strategies into their projects.

How to Register for the Challenge

  1. Sign up in teams of 4. It is ok if your team has less than four, GIGA will assign other people to fill up the team.
  2. Audience: Interior Designers, Architects, Developers, Builders, HVAC engineer, etc. Both Individuals and companies are welcome to join.
  3. Online registration:


Send an email to Zhou Lingling with your Name, company name, and your phone number. 

Please note

  • Space is limited. First come, first served.
  • Event is free for all. Both individual and company are welcom to participate.
  • Food and drinks will be provided throughout the event.
  • For detailed information about the event visit this link.

How to Compete

  1. 2017 GIGA Material Challenge includes a Knowledge Session (20 points) and Hands-on Session (100 points).
  2. Hands-on task is designed by material brands and GIGA, 5 tasks in total, each team has 30 minutes to finish it. Tools will be provided.
  3. 20 Designer teams will be invited, each team has 4 members. Each team completes participating Brand's Tasks one at a time.
  4. Prizes will be awarded to teams with highest total score. Each member of the winning teams will win prizes.
  5. Tasks and scoring criteria will be given on the day of the event.

Event Details

20 May 2017 10:00 am – 5:30 pm
E Peng Hui (EPH), 627 Jiangpu Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai
Jiangpu Park Line 12 Exit 2