How To Do More With Less: Green Drinks July Forum

  • 27 July 2017
  • 18:30 - 21:00
  • WeWork@Yanping Lu, Shanghai

In an increasingly demanding world and a society obsessed by materials rather than meaning, is it practically possible for us to live well by consuming less?

** Please note that this event will be completely in Mandarin. To view speaker information and updated event details select Chinese version on the top right corner **

While GDP, the factor current widely used to measure growth, may be rising, so also is inequality, unhappiness, broken relationships, environmental degradation, health issues and a general sense of discontentment in peoples’ lives. Bhutan actually employed in the country's 2008 constitution what is called the ‘Gross National Happiness (GNH)’, a development philosophy as well as an index which is used to measure the collective happiness in a nation.

As goes a popular Buddhist philosophy, ‘Simple Living, High Thinking’!

Fact is we are surrounded by too many things we don't love, don’t need, and getting rid of things that we don't really need could keep our mind focused and simplify our life. It would also mean less waste and less environmental pollution, thus, a healthy mind, body and life.

Some of the topics we would be looking to discuss at this forum include:

  • Why is it that despite economic growth and individual wealth, the common problems that we see around us continue to grow?
  • How can we live more with less? Why should we?
  • What is the Japanese art of decluttering? How did it originate?
  • What is zero waste living?
  • Is it practically possible to leave a zero waste life? Where does one begin?
  • How can I continuously live in a waste-less or waste-free life?

Join Green Drinks forum this July where we are looking to answer some basic, yet fundamental questions in life, and aiming to provide potential solutions to living healthy and happy in our increasingly fast paced cities.

Note: Light snacks and beverages will be provided to all attendees.


Yiyan (Shirley) Zhou, Reporter and Founder of The No.1 Organizer Platform
Background: Yiyan Zhou is the founder of The No.1 Organizer Platform, an online media based on WeChat which already has nearly 200,000 followers. She worked for The Bund Magazine, one of the most famous weekly magazine in China for 8 years, covering stories on Environmental issues, architecture and education. Middle-class Chinese are now giving a new twist to Marie Kondo’s popular home organization theory. Last October, she visited Japan and made some interviews with Marie Kondo’s team numbers and two minimalists who advocate “ Less is Future”. She will share her findings of Japanese trend for decluttering living space and how it influences our Chinese people.

Jennifer Chang,Founder, 2Wear Collections
Background: Having lived in 7 different countries, and working in a few retail MNCs, Jennifer has seen firsthand how widespread the problems of overconsumption and waste span several consumer-facing industries. She holds a degree in Psychology and Economics and lives in the spirit of changing the mindset to change the world. She is a self-confessed victim of overconsumption, and after finding no suitable solution, she decided to create one. 2Wear was born with a mission of saving the planet - one dress at a time.
2Wear is a start-up dedicated to the “Borrow don’t Buy” movement. We are here to make sure you look fabulous every time you step out of the house, without burning a hole through your wallet and reducing your retail footprint all at the same time.

Jun Gong, Advocate of Zero Waste Living
Jun has been involved with Zero Waste Shanghai since June 2017 as 'Creator of Opportunities'. She brings strategy, vision, innovation, leadership and attention-to-detail to the ZWS team. Jun is a 'Woman in Tech' turned 'Green Solutions Provider'. She is an entrepreneur at heart and has worked in San Francisco and New York, with over 10 years of experience in technology and consumer product with teams from all over the world. She deeply understands the importance of environment and innovation and is eager to help companies validate ideas, provide insights, develop use cases, and translate them into innovative and useful solutions to bring larger impact to the society.

IKEDA EMI, Japanese Certified "Seiri-Shuno" Organizer
Seiri-Shuno Background: Despite the importance of housework to daily life, its value is not easy to assess, and it has traditionally been undervalued.  The Housekeeping Association, a nonprofit founded in 2003 in Japan and that administers the certification, believes that we can increase the status of homemakers by creating public awareness of the importance of housework as a highly and fairly valued job.
In reality, we need to elevate housework into a publicly recognized profession, not just domestic housework, through increasing the level of homemakers’ knowledge, technique and quality of housework. In order to achieve our goal, it is important to develop training programs of housekeeping skills, and create certifications to fairly assess housework skills and job opportunities for the skilled people.

Event Details

27 Jul 2017 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
WeWork@Yanping Lu, 2F, 135 Yanping Road, Near Wuding Road, Shanghai
Changping Road Exit 4