How Can We Better Invest Our Money? Green Drinks September Forum

  • 12 September 2019
  • 19:00 - 21:00
  • BAU Architects, Shanghai

In September 2008 we witnessed one of the worst economic slowdown in a generation. It naturally made people ask what went wrong. Apart from the usual answers, one thing that played a decisive role was unmitigated greed.

“Greed by homeowners led to purchases of houses they couldn’t afford. Greed on Wall Street led to the creation of clever new financial instruments. Greed by CEOs led to corporate extravagances and ridiculously high executive compensation packages. Greed by consumers led to excessive use of credit cards to buy things now, rather than wait till they earned the money to pay for it.”

Wealth Facts

Eleven years have passed since. Greed or not, one thing that hasn’t changed is that individuals and businesses want their money to ‘grow’. One other thing that also hasn’t changed is there is still a large number of people globally living in conditions that are far below ideal and the large income inequality.

As individuals and businesses, is it possible to grow our wealth ethically, while also helping those in need? After all, we should be using money as a force for good, and ethical investments can create incredible positive impact.

From working for ethical companies to having personal financial plans to investing in small businesses, donating to charities, purchasing from local companies, and buying from responsible brands, there’s a lot we can do with our money, as we aim to discuss in Green Initiatives’ 124th monthly Green Drinks forum, including discussion questions such as:

Can we change the way we feel about money? Can it be a source of empowerment instead of imprisonment?

How can money be a force for good? How can we better invest our money?

Is there any development in ethical financial practices in companies since the Crisis?

What are some economic concepts worth knowing? Buddhist economics? Microfinance? Impact investment?

Event Itinerary

  • 18:30-19:10 Registration
  • 19:10-19:20 Event Introduction
  • 19:20-20:30 Speakers' presentations
  • 20:30-21:00 Discussion / Q&A


Deshawn Peterson Financial Planner
Are you only here to make money or make a difference?

Subject: When we think of savings, we never consider the companies or industries that we are getting our retirement on. In part, it's a discussion that's rarely had. During this segment, I'll review why it's possible to make money , make a difference and contribute to the companies that want to save the earth. So I ask you again, are you making a difference or here just to make money ?
Background: Deshawn is from the US but has called Shanghai his home for the past five years. In this time, he's devoted to connecting with the expat's community through his mantra, "Finance & Fitness". He works in the financial planning realm and helping expats navigate their plans while making their way in the Middle Kingdom. He's certified in the UK and US to practice wealth management. He helps his clients align their lifestyle, goals, and morals within their portfolio. On weekends catch him with Beastmode WODs.


Ruby Lv Impact Hub Shanghai Investment Partner
Impact investment practice

Subject: What is your purpose of investment, solving social issues or making money? Are they in conflict or not? How to define impact investment? what is the challenge? Are there any case studies we could learn from? The impact investment return could be better than expected.
Background: Ruby hopes to help connect local and international social impact entrepreneurs, moving them towards new, innovative enterprises. Besides motivating more people to care about societal and environmental challenges, Ruby also hopes to draw more investors towards social impact investment. She is also a Partner at SynTao, an independent consultant for Corporate Social Responsibility.


Yuxiang Deng Investment manager at Ehong capital
How could impact fund make a difference to our environment and society?

Subject: What role can impact investing organization play in China? Is business still only business? As professional financial practitioners, we not only deliver funds to but also walk along with a suitable company who committed to solving social problems sustainably with creative business mode and exciting new technology. Cases such as CN Science and Technology, ZhongYi testing will be shared to demonstrate how Ehong capital works.
Background: After years of working in traditional commercial bank and futures company, Yuxiang Deng decided to join Ehong capitals investment manager to work with his professional and enthusiastic colleagues to pursue the mission of impact investing. He has a Master of Finance degree at Macquarie University in Australia and passed CFA level III. Yuxiang Deng once participated Wenchuan earthquake-relief campaign in 2008 and was an Australian White Ribbon supporter (which prevents violence against women).


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Event Details

12 Sep 2019 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
BAU Architects, 5F, 8 Baoqing Road, Near Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai, Shanghai
Changshu Road, Line 7/1, Exit 7