Population Boom: Green Drinks July Film Screening

  • 18 July 2019
  • 19:00 - 21:00
  • Haworth Furniture, Shanghai

Humans have used up more of Earth's resources than it can regenerate within one year as of August 1st, 2018, according to the Global Footprint Network. There are limits to the life-sustaining resources earth can provide us. This July we are discussing the concept of overpopulation. Does that even exist? Is overpopulation a myth with the sole purpose of covering up larger and far more important problem?

Could the way we treat each other more be more important than the amount of people in the world? The documentary Population Boom starts with this as the basis for a debate, and becomes a cinematic journey with the masses between myth, facts and politics.

Film Trailer

Werner Boote, a documentary filmmaker, travelled the globe and examined a stubborn view of the world that has existed for decades. What population is too many? And who is one too many? Dwindling resources, mountains of toxic waste, hunger and climate change – are these the results of overpopulation?

Join us to watch Population Boom (2013) and reflect what are the deep issues shaping the 21st century. The film was crowned with the Green Me Award for the Best Green documentary in Berlin.

Film Synopsis

In Population Boom, acclaimed director Werner Boote (Plastic Planet) travels the globe armed with a World Bank umbrella to examine the myths and facts about overpopulation. Like a contemporary Socrates with a wry sense of humor, Boote questions the conventional wisdom. From Kenya's slums to Dhaka in Bangladesh to New York City, China and Japan, Boote speaks with everyone from demographic researchers to environmental activists, and comes to a surprising conclusion: It is not overpopulation that threatens humanity’s existence but rather, it is the developed world’s patterns of over-consumption and constant pursuit of immediate profit that looms over our future.

Event Itinerary

  • 18:30-19:10 Registrations  and networking
  • 19:10-19:15 Green Initiatives & event introduction
  • 19:15-20:40 Film screening (English with no subtitles)
  • 20:40-21:00 Q&A/Discussions and networking

About Werner Boote

Born in 1965 in Vienna, Werner Boote started out as a cable boy. He first studied Drama and Theater Arts, then Journalism, and Sociology afterwards at the University of Vienna and then at The Film Academy.

In 2009, his first feature film, Plastic Planet, arrived in Austrian cinemas and won the Golden Romy for "Best Documentary Feature". It went on to appear in over 80 countries and accomplished countless changes in legislation, industry and society.

"It is one of those rare call-to-action documentaries that roused viewers to do something against plastics." (Variety)

Event Details

18 Jul 2019 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Haworth Furniture, Jingan Kerry Center Tower 1, 32F, 1515 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai
Jingan Temple, Line 7 Exit 6