Tomorrow: Earth Day Film Screening

  • 17 April 2021
  • 16:00 - 18:30
  • Bollywood Restaurant, Shanghai

A globetrotting documentary that’s more focused on solutions than problems, Green Initiatives’ Earth Day documentary film screening Tomorrow (Demain) provides a comprehensive look at ways in which activists, organizers and everyday citizens are trying to make the world a better, greener, more sustainable place.



Co-directed by ecological rights advocate Cyril Dion and actress-filmmaker Melanie Laurent (Inglourious Basterds, Now You See Me), whose engagement here goes beyond that of a mere vanity project, this playfully made exposé should be required viewing for anyone wondering what they could do to pitch in and save the planet.

Released theatrically in France just as 195 countries joined together to sign the landmark Paris Climate Accord, Tomorrow offers up an alternative to such big-nation (and some would say inadequate) proposals, revealing how farmers, teachers, researchers and small-town participants have found their own methods for combating issues like global warming, food shortage and general economic meltdown.

While it often preaches to the choir, even those who deny that such catastrophes are on the horizon could be convinced by some of the ideas on display here, allowing the film to reach more viewers at fests and on various online platforms.


16:00-16:10 Event Introduction & Registration

16:10-18:08 Film Screening (118-minutes)

18:08- 18: 30 Networking


  • ¥100 for non-registered guests (at-the-door price). Kids below 10-year enter for free.
  • Price includes a cup of Indian masala chai.

To register for the film scan the QR code below or visit this link (on mobile).

Event Details

17 Apr 2021 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Bollywood Restaurant, 1F, 326 Hongfeng Road, Pudong, Shanghai, , Shanghai
Lan Tian Road, Line 9, Exit 2