You, Me, and the Environment: Earth Day 2019 Storytelling

  • 22 April 2019
  • 19:00 - 21:30
  • URBN Boutique, Shanghai

FEIY and GREEN INITIATIVES are joining forces for Earth Day 2019 celebration! And we aim to celebrate not just a day, but you. Your ideas, your stories, your experiences that have the potential to inspire others and make a different in the lives of those around you.

This year, the Earth Day happens in a global context where we see unprecedented interest and mobilization for the climate and to ecosystem protection happening all around the world. It’s now the time, more than ever, to reconnect with the beauty of nature and appreciate the impact that it can have on our human lives.

All year long our organizations raise awareness and promote actions to faciliate positive change in our relationship with the earth. Be it with individual or with businesses, we look at the problems around us, and we try to figure out solutions - together with you.

So this Earth Day we want to pause, to spread the magic of the earth and the beauty of nature through beautiful stories.

We are living in one of the biggest cities of the world. Nature feels so far away, that it’s quite easy to start feeling disconnected, even forget how much we need it. How much, we are, a part of it.

All of us together, we are nature. And all our stories are a piece of the earth.

So on earth day, we gather to listen some of YOUR nature stories.

From childhood memories that shape us, experiences that change us, journeys that leads us to take action... How are those personal interactions with nature making us who we are today? What’s the impact that nature can have on human life? How can we facilitate a larger influence and get people closer to nature?

Join us for a night where we share some beautiful, earthy stories from our community, and let us all travel together, closer to our earth.


  • We will be featuring 6-8 storytellers speaking for 10-12 minutes each. Storytellers have already been confirmed for the event.
  • Entry fee of 50RMB. Payment can be made at the door.
  • We will have beer and pizzas sponsored by Pizza Street for the attendees.


Event Details

22 Apr 2019 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
URBN Boutique, 183 Jiaozhou Road, Near Beijing West Road, Shanghai
Jingan Temple Line 2/7 Exit 2