Clothes Swapping Party With 13-in-31 & Green Initiatives

  • 23 April 2017
  • 10:00 - 13:30
  • CREATER SPACE, Shanghai

The Clothes Swapping Party is an extension of the conscious fashion movement, 13-in-31, that aims to offer a place for online challengers to meet and learn more about the concept of sustainable fashion through exchange of clothing items. 13-in-31 is also collaborating with Green Initiatives to screen the short film, UNRAVEL, that shows one of the scenarios for the final 'resting' place of our clothes. More often these are ones that have been carelessly or quickly discarded by consumers after only a few uses.

The event will also feature a short workshop with a stylist and a designer who will share tips towards mixing-n-matching clothes, while also providing the attendees with DIY upcycling ideas. A recycling box under Green Initiatives' RE:FORM program will also be setup on site for responsibly discarding/re-using all kinds of clothing in good condition.

How to participate

  • Bring 1-10 wearable clothes, come to the event. Registration required.
  • Activities are limited to those who bring clothes.
  • Follow the below guidelines for bringing in clothes.

Guidelines for bringing clothing items

We accept the following items:

  • All kinds of clothing, garments, towels, etc
  • Bedding & curtains
  • Footwear & socks

We currently DO NOT accept items that are:

  • Wet or soiled
  • Dirty or smelly
  • Stained with chemicals
  • Undergarments


Note: Due to limited space and to organize better we request everyone to register for the activity. Only registered attendees will be allowed entry into the activity.

About the 13-in-31 Movement

A campaign to challenge the task of mixing, matching and using only 13 pieces of clothes in 31 days, and sharing the experience with fellow challengers. The challenge aims to raise awareness on conscious fashion, including the upcoming Fashion Revolution. The campaign started on 20 March 2017, with over 700 challengers signing up for it. However, new participants are always welcome to start the challenge but also ensure 31 days of activity by joining our WeChat groups and sharing their pictures. (Search for “13 in 31” on WeChat)


RE:FORM is a program launched by Green Initiatives to drive change towards eco-responsible fashion by raising awareness on the environmental and social impact of clothing consumption, to ensure collected items are used to their maximum potential, and lastly, providing the community with a reliable system trecycle discarded clothing items.

RE:FORM collaborates with a variety stakeholders, including: community service organizations, retailers, recyclers, startups working on circular economy, educational institutions, local & global companies, media, and most importantly, consumers, to drive change towards conscious fashion.


CREATER, a subsidiary of HUGE Group Corporation, is creating an innovative lifestyle. Their products include workspaces, services and communities and they devote themselves to creating a resource sharing platform for culture, education, innovation, art and business, targeting those who appreciate quality and customized lifestyle. By participating in the fashion-conscious campaign, CREATER SPACEis looking to broadcast their values of sustainable working and living.

CREATER SPACE sees this as a perfect opportunity to showcase their accomplishments in the green building sector and tell their story of how they care for the environment and people, and help make an eco-friendly lifestyle more achievable.

Volunteers Needed

The 13-in-31 team is looking for all kinds of volunteers for onsite support on the day of the activity. Please contact Ethel Zhang on WeChat by adding 'ethelzh' (note: 1331 volunteer).

Event Details

23 Apr 2017 10:00 am – 1:30 pm
CREATER SPACE, 888 Huashan Road, Near Wukang Road, Shanghai
Shanghai Library Exit 3