Eat for a Cause: New Food Review App abillionVeg

Published on by Nika Zobec

Ever use an app to help the environment? Now is your chance. Singapore-based food review app abillionVeg (ABV) came on the scene in 2017, according to CEO Vikas Garg, to “change the equation.”

Due to the strong connection between what we eat and our impact on the environment, ABV strives to make environmentally sustainable eating more convenient and delicious by empowering consumers to influence businesses worldwide. At the same time, using this app allows people to fundraise for animal sanctuaries — for free.

ABV encourages users to rate and review vegetarian and vegan dishes eaten out at restaurants to help others easily locate the best veg-friendly options available. Available at not just vegetarian/vegan restaurants, but any restaurant. Which burger place serves the best veggie burger? Which Thai place offers the best veg curry? Using ABV helps others realise it is possible to make more healthful and environmentally sustainable food choices anywhere.

But what if the restaurant’s veg options suck? Criticise them on ABV to inspire improvement. Use the app’s “poke” feature so ABV staff contact the restaurant with evidence customers want a larger selection of and/or higher quality veg-friendly options. Using this app will inspire restaurants to improve individual veg dishes and overall selection. And with better veg-friendly options, customers will be more willing to make decisions that reduce their eco footprint.

On top of this, when was the last time you got to donate to a cause without paying a kuai? Posting reviews on ABV raises money for partnered animal sanctuaries. For every 10 veg dish reviews you post on ABV, approximately 66 kuai (10 USD) will be donated to your animal sanctuary of choice. And there is no limit on the amount of money you can raise.

WuWei Sanctuary Park (无谓护生园), located in Henan province, is one of ABV’s partnered sanctuaries. Home to 1,800 rescued wild, companion and farmed animals and 10,000 aquatic animals, this compassionate institution currently lacks funds for a medical facility. Posting reviews on ABV is an easy way to raise those funds.

The next time you eat out, consider sampling one of the restaurant’s vegetarian or vegan dishes and reviewing it on ABV. Add a #wuwei to the end of your post at let’s “change the equation!”

Consumers have the power to influence businesses to adopt more environmentally sustainable practices. ABV is a channel to enact that power. Download ABV today at