Pure and Whole

Pure and Whole is a western-style vegetarian restaurant chain dedicated to people’s health and wellness, serving highly nutritious and delicious food and drinks that make a positive di...Read More

Sprout Lifestyle

Sprout is a neighborhood healthy hub, inspiring people to adopt healthy habits through respecting your body, mind and the environment. We want to take you on a journey towards healthier habi...Read More

Green Mix

Green Mix is a store combined cafe, shop and bar, it is also a platform of eco, fashion, art, creative products. The decoration of our store are based on the recycle and handmade, we have do...Read More

Green Vege Cafe

Green Vege Cafe is a vegan restaurant providing delicious healthy food while supporting the community and the planet as an sustainable business. We are well known for our signature s...Read More

Dashu Wujie

Dashuwujie or Wujie, is run by the team behind Vegetarian Lifestyle and is ideal for anyone who loves food or animals. With a focus on local and sustainable organic ingredients, the six-leve...Read More

Vegetarian Lifestyle Zaozi Shu Jujube Tree

Known to some as Vegetarian Lifestyle, to others as Zaozi Shu, and others still as Jujube Tree, this popular vegetarian Chinese restaurant specializes in tasty mock-meat dishes. Don’t ...Read More

NATURA Veggie Dot

Natura Veggie Dot is best known for its paninis and pasta. If you pass by this small restaurant on Beijing Road W., you will be attracted by the fragrance of lavender coming through its...Read More