Founded in 2009 in Shanghai, Green Initiatives works with businesses on waste recycling, staff engagement programs and supporting the adoption of sustainable solutions and services.

We believe that:

  1. all of us have a responsibility to treat all resources as assets
  2. more transparency is needed across the recycling space in China
  3. everything can be ‘recycled’; what is needed is the technology that is locally available, and able to to do so efficiently, at lower costs, and at scale.
  4. recycling is NOT the solution, it is the last option; source reduction is the critical first step.

These are the real challenges we are trying to solve through our work. Education and stakeholder engagement are an integral part of every successful initiative of ours.

We have worked with over 100 companies – both large and small, international and local, to conduct hundreds of training sessions resulting in improved waste management systems that have  diverted tons of textiles, electronics, paper and other waste from landfills to people that need them, or to credible recycling facilities.

Nitin Dani

Founder & Director

Nitin graduated in architecture from Bangalore (2007) and completed his Masters in Strategic Design from Milan (2010) after which he moved to Shanghai to work in a branding agency. He began leading 'Green Drinks China' in 2011, which was later rebranded to Green Initiatives in 2013. He also works with GIGA, an organization assessing that combines the development of building standards with cloud software and technology to increase the accessibility of healthy buildings globally.

Nitin believes that all around us we have governments and economies pushing for GDP growth by encouraging greater consumption. Sustainability is about mindful consumption. It is about better health - of people, of our cities, of our planet - which can only be achieved through developing better habits in our everyday lives. And its about making sustainability simple, convenient, affordable, and accessible.

Emily Yue

Business Development & Market Research

As a native Shanghainese, Emily has personally witnessed the climate change and environmental deterioration in this city. China has sacrificed much to boost its economy and she believes that the priority needs to shift towards real sustainable development. Emily's motivation is to get involved in protecting the environment by doing whatever she can to help as an individual, with the belief that even a little effort could lead to major impact eventually.

Emily holds an MSc in International Relations from Bristol, UK; and a BA in English and Bachelor of Management in Finance Management from SHNU. She also currently works as a Senior Acceleration Manager at XNode, helping startups grow in China.

Ashley Fernandes

Director, Operations

From the invention of the wheel to weapons of destruction; the last few centuries has seen man progress at break neck speed. But at what cost? How long can our planet sustain this brutal attack on our fragile environment? That’s why I believe that if each one of us does our bit by adopting small changes to our lifestyles, we can bring about this revolution. The clock is ticking, we need to act soon.

Yanbing Yang

Project Manager

Yanbing believes that technological revolutions are playing an essential role in defining the course of human civilisation, but the price that human beings are having to pay for it is too high to ignore. How can we change this through action campaigns, raising awareness, and even changing lifestyles? This mission should fall on all our shoulders and he is glad to contribute towards this through Green Initiatives.
Yanbing's background lies in dealing with business cooperation, internet donation, and fundraising events. He previously worked with the Shanghai United Foundation.

Alex Ho

Creative Director & Design Lead

With a background in environments, architecture, fine arts, branding, photography, industrial and event design, Alex sets to cross-pollinate different disciplines to discover new creative and engaging solutions. Alex is always looking for new opportunities to creatively engage, communicate and reconnect individuals to nature.

Kay Xu

Partnerships & Outreach Manager

Robyn Schindel

Across countries, industries, generations, people in our modern world acknowledge that our lives our out of balance: for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our earth. There are new ways that we can think, understand issues, change our actions and make new decisions that help to change our reality. That's the kind of learning Robyn has been striving to focus on.
She has an M.Ed in Adult Education from University of British Columbia, and experienced in higher education and corporate learning. Robyn is also passionate about engaging learners at all levels, building communities and helping people find meaning in their lives.

Jason Inch

Richard Brubaker

Fiona Wan

Michel Gilger

Xu Fei

Diane Long

For 36 years Diane has lived, worked and thrived through China’s economic revolution. A consultant, executive, teacher, writer, social activator, and community leader, Diane is currently advisor at Xanadu Enterprise, a boutique business management consultancy. Diane focuses on strategic planning, actionable insights, and operational execution including sustainability and the road to a circular economy. Diane’s many years working across many industries allows for explaining China in a multilayered context.

Diane previously held C-suite positions at Liz Claiborne and adidas as well as executive roles in SMEs. Beginning in 1996, she was personally involved in the corporate social responsibility movement which had a huge impact on the manufacturing environment globally. Diane played an integral part in labor and ESG compliance standards setting, which has evolved to include sustainable practices and the closing of the circularity gap.
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