100th Documentary Screening Celebration

Published on by Green Initiatives

On May 9th, Green Initiatives celebrated for its 100 documentary screenings at Haworth Furniture, Shanghai. The first documentary film screening event was held 7 years ago in June 2012 at URBN Hotel, and in April 2019, Green Initiatives successfully screened its 100th documentary with over 4000 audiences in the course of time!

In the celebration, various clips from the last 100 films were screened in remembering the films that had significantly inspired and touched people. The subject of the films included: global warming, habitat loss, natural disasters, consumption, fashion, food, education, air, land & water pollution.

After each film clip was shown, discussions was led by the event facilitators where participants were able to share and reflect upon the subjects presented through these powerful documentaries.

Next month, in honor of the upcoming Ocean’s Day, Green Initiatives will dedicate its 101th film screening to sharks, which are at risk of extinction ironically as an exclusive result of human impacts and activities.

For more upcoming film screening events please visit here. We look forward to your participation!