What We Do

Our programs help organizations maximise positive environmental impact and create long-term value for society.

Waste & Recycling

We help businesses develop a responsible waste strategy by guiding them toward smart, sustainable, and data-driven waste and recycling solutions.

Thought Leadership

We transform companies into ‘eco-leaders’ through employee engagement programs that result in behavioral change in individuals and in business planning.

Social Business

We grow social businesses’ market presence so they can rapidly achieve scalable impact.

Our Approach

We understand that businesses want to be more responsible towards their employees, society, and the environment, yet the internal business fabric varies. This affects implementation format and program roll-out. To support these constraints, our initiatives are:

Modular + Customisable

All our initiatives are developed to be implemented in bite-sized chunks over a specific timeline. We create custom solutions, building on the success of our existing programs.


We work with our clients to identify these requirements, and then propose tailored partners in our community to ensure effective delivery of solutions.

Data Driven

What cannot be measured, cannot be improved. Gathering data and measuring impact are important to us. We benchmark against industry standards, set targets, and achieve them. It allows our clients to communicate with confidence and transparency the imapact they have made.

All our initiatives follow necessary legal standards and are backed by various environmental policies, corporate responsibility guidelines, ESG frameworks and recommendations for companies by the Chinese Government as well as international organisations.